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Twisting the Plot

Sep 22, 2020

London’s Rachel Lankester calls herself the Magnificent Midlife Mentor.  She is the founder of The Magnificent Midlife Movement, an online hub and global community celebrating and inspiring women over 40 to live the lives that they really want. 

This week we bring Rachel back to the Twisting the Plot Podcast to talk about her program, Who Am I Now?  Rachel shares her thoughts about what women in midlife need and who we can become as we age.  

Do you know what you want?  Do you know how to figure that out?  Rachel has some tips that just might help.  

We also talk about Rachel’s role models, Täo-Porchon-Lynch and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, two women who defied stereotypes and “isms,” making things seem more possible for all of us.


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