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Twisting the Plot

Mar 30, 2021

Over fifty, we often feel the desire for something more, something new. But to get there, we have to clear out the weeds and thorn bushes of old beliefs, expectations, and fears so that we can make space for new possibilities. 

This week we spoke with Kathy Lockhardt, founder of Flourish Farms, who did just that, both...

Mar 23, 2021

Is there a woman from the past who you admire? What if you spent some time studying her life? What if you became versed in her story, thoughts and beliefs? What if you embodied her? 

This week, in honor of Women’s History Month, we asked the women in our Plot Twisters Facebook group to share the names and stories of...

Mar 2, 2021

When we think about women's invisibility over 50, we rarely consider women’s bodies in their purest form, naked. We have been taught to look away with shame, fear, even disgust. This week, we spoke with photographer Jocelyn Lee about her new book Sovereign.

Throughout her career, Jocelyn has been photographing women...