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Twisting the Plot

Dec 28, 2021

Here’s a question to ponder. “Can you love yourself in a hostile world?”

This is the question Dr. Thema asks on this week’s podcast.

“We have to shift the individual, but we also have to shift the world in which the individual is living, so that we’re not constantly having to push back against these...

Dec 21, 2021

Who knew getting older could be so funny?

In the 1960’s gerontologist Robert Butler told us that thinking back over our lives is therapeutic. He termed his method of reminiscence, “Life Review”. Through a life review, experiences from the past, particularly the unresolved conflicts, can be resolved and...

Dec 14, 2021

Dr. Ellen Albertson calls herself the Midlife Whisperer.  

But on this week’s Twisting the Plot Podcast, she speaks up loud and clear.  

Dr. Albertson has “more degrees than a thermometer” and she’s confronted major plot twists in life. For years she followed all the rules and roadmaps. She had a successful...

Dec 7, 2021

Kwavi Agbeyegbe has a mission.  

She wants to make women over 50 aware of their potential and value.  

As a life coach, she started by asking 50 women who were over 50, from all over the world, to describe themselves. 

Over 80% of the women she talked to reported feeling invisible. 

The women don’t see themselves...