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Twisting the Plot

Jun 28, 2022

Consider the Hag.

Will You?

Most of us cringe at the mention of her. 

We would just as soon keep her banished to the deep woods. 

Who can blame us?  

She is rot, she is ugly, she does not follow our rules. She has one foot on the other side; death.

The Hag embodies suffering, a weathering by life; she stands for oldness....

Jun 14, 2022

We couldn’t get enough.

We wanted to learn more about elderhood from our podcast guest Dr. Tracey Gendron, so we asked her back for part II. 

Dr. Gendron, author of Ageism Unmasked and Chair of the Gerontology Department at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond is back this week to take a deep dive into two...