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Twisting the Plot

Oct 13, 2020

We invited Noreen Sumpter to join our Facebook group, Plot Twisters, a gathering for women over 50 to share, discuss and diversify the trajectory for all of us.  Before she joined, Noreen reached out with a question about plot twisters.  Are there black, brown and women of color represented in this group?

Reflexively, our response was, “of course.”  But then, we stepped back and got curious.  How many of our members in Twisting the Plot are women of color?  Have we done enough to ensure that all women’s voices and faces are represented?  We had to check our white privilege, note our white fragility, and acknowledge our hidden biases and lack of awareness.  

We realize that we have to continue to listen and learn.  

So, we invited Noreen to join us for this week’s Twisting the Plot Podcast.

We are glad we did.  She has a lot to say.

Noreen Sumpter is a force.  She is a life coach and a business leader who encourages us all to create courageous spaces where we can talk honestly, allow vulnerability, grow and make change.

Take a listen.

Then, join us in Plot Twisters on Facebook and give us your thoughts.