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Twisting the Plot

Dec 7, 2021

Kwavi Agbeyegbe has a mission.  

She wants to make women over 50 aware of their potential and value.  

As a life coach, she started by asking 50 women who were over 50, from all over the world, to describe themselves. 

Over 80% of the women she talked to reported feeling invisible. 

The women don’t see themselves represented in the media. They feel erased, insignificant, and not a vital to the cultural conversation.

Kwavi is out to change this narrative. She is beginning by asking questions. 50 questions. 

We love this. Questions and conversation are a great launching pad to diversify the story of what it means to age. 

And of course Kwavi has plans for how to twist these conversations into action.

Take a listen. 


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