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Twisting the Plot

Jan 16, 2020

Jane Emmer is making some big shifts.  She is leaving a full time job as a school director to go out on her own.  

She is entering the world of the social entrepreneur.

It’s a big move.  

For decades Jane has assisted children, teens, and young adults in understanding and improving their executive functioning skills.  She helps students get organized, focus their attention, and sharpen their capacity to take in information and learn.  

Now she is planning to hone her years of knowledge, research and wisdom and share it with others eager to help children learn and grow.  She is going to create dynamic, interactive workshops for teachers and administrators.  

Jane is stepping into a new role, a new kind of leadership, and she is eager for the energy that comes from starting something new.  

She joined 12 in 12 to grow community, be inspired, get pushed when needed, and find support.

We are excited for her.

And we’ll will keep you posted.