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Twisting the Plot

Jan 12, 2021

Who we are and what we know about ourselves can turn on a dime. 

On today’s Twisting the Plot Podcast, we talk to Kathleen Shea Kirstein who shares a personal plot twist.  

At the age of 49, Kathleen makes a startling discovery. She learns, in accidental and unexpected fashion, that she was not actually born to her beloved parents.  

She was adopted.  

This changes everything. 

Now, at 63, Kathleen continues to discover more of who she really is, and was, all along.  

What is it like to realize the story you believe about you is riddled with secrets and lies?  What is the experience of learning that the things that you thought were “off” about you, turn out to be exactly right.   

We are the magical alchemy of nature and nurture.  And when we have access to our whole story, much about us begins to make sense.


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