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Twisting the Plot

Oct 6, 2020

Sydney Price and Laura Dintino joined our 12 in 12 program in January 2020 with one major thing in common:  they were both still in the middle of big time plot twists.  Each of them was navigating a messy divorce.  Both were trying to find ways to work and support themselves and their children on their own.  Laura needed to sell her house and move.  Sydney was closing down her business and trying to figure out her next career pursuit.  Mostly, they were both struggling with the big identity question:  Who am I now?  And the uncertainty question:  What do I do next?

What became obvious to us was that they both are amazing women.  They came loaded with strengths, many interests and talents.  Most impressive is they are both intent on contributing to others and their communities. Sydney, through composting (yes, composting) and Laura via her work with non-English speaking immigrants and citizens.  

Listen in and hear them share what they’ve experienced as members of the 12 in 12 program.  It’s a thought-provoking conversation during which they candidly share the lessons they have learned, the feedback they received and the next steps they plan to take. 

Sydney’s and Laura’s lives, like compost, are rich with potential and soon to sprout new blooms.


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