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Twisting the Plot

Nov 10, 2020

Dr. Leslie M. Faerstein and La-Verna Fountain didn’t get the memo that it’s time to go invisible.  Instead, they decided that being a woman in her 60’s and 70’s means it’s time to speak up, have influence and inspire change.

They call themselves thought leaders.   And we would agree.

Leslie works intergenerationally to help women take charge of their body image and regain embodied power.  La-Verna listens deeply to our social woes and provides a much-needed bridge between what we each know and what we have to learn.

They are writers, speakers, and activists offering compassion, wisdom, and vision to all of us. 

Listen to this week’s podcast to see what we mean.

It’s possible to lead despite disability.  It’s possible to lead as women of color.  It’s possible to lead no matter what age.