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Twisting the Plot

May 11, 2021

When media industry executive Sally Wolf found herself navigating life with metastatic breast cancer, she had her dance teacher, Erin Pace, as a support.

Erin Pace calls herself a conscious embodiment guide.  She developed “The Responsive Body Practice” to help women realign mind-body-spirt for self-healing. With Erin’s intuitive guidance, Sally found connection with, and love for her changing body. With Erin as a healing partner, Sally has been able to dance throughout her cancer journey.

Since this podcast follows Mothers’ Day, we contemplate the many ways that women nurture and grow other women. It is our pleasure to spotlight this beautiful, generous and healing relationship that Erin and Sally share.  

Take a listen as Erin describes the importance of loving the body of now, not the body of yesterday or the body of tomorrow. And take comfort in Sally’s stories of the many ways that Erin has helped her cope, stay present and grow strong.

Life is filled with plot twists, and we all need some mothering from time to time.


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