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Twisting the Plot

May 12, 2020

My hope is that this is a moment when women can stop knocking at the door of a system that was set up by men and for men. 

So says Lesley Jane Seymour, our special guest on this week’s Twisting the Plot podcast. 

Lesley has had her finger on the pulse of the collective imagination of what it means to be a woman for decades.  As editor in chief for More Magazine she brought possibility and visibility for women over 40.  We all remember grabbing the latest edition of More from the newsstands and opening it with eager anticipation. We were hungry for vision, solutions and novel ideas for who we are becoming.   

Lesley is a media entrepreneur and one of the industry's most respected leaders.  Besides More Magazine, she served as editor in chief for Marie Claire, Redbook, and YM.  She was the beauty director for Glamour, and senior editor at Vogue.  She is an influencer and has spearheaded numerous efforts to introduce her readers to the big issues that we should confront.  Under Lesley’s leadership, generations of women were educated and invited to be activists regarding crucial causes, such as breast cancer awareness, domestic violence and aging. 

Today, Lesley continues her mission to engage, inform and envision life for women.  She is Founder and CEO of Covey Club.  She calls it a virtual meeting place for life long learners.  She’s also the host of the Reinvent Yourself Podcast where she interviews global change makers and visionaries.

Listen as Lesley shares with us how she got into magazine publishing, her decision to get a masters in Sustainability Management from Columbia University, how she started Covey Club, and her decision to start a new life in “The Big Easy.”  

She is a powerhouse of creativity, generosity, reinvention and just plain fun. 


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