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Twisting the Plot

Jul 20, 2021

Over fifty, we often feel the desire for something more, something new. But to get there, we have to clear out the weeds and thorn bushes of old beliefs, expectations, and fears so that we can make space for new possibilities. 

This week we spoke with Kathy Lockhardt, founder of Flourish Farms, who did just that, both physically and metaphorically. At 59, Kathy had a dream to reclaim a long-overgrown field on the family farm and turn it into a truck garden. Her family was doubtful that it could be done, but Kathy persisted. With the help of her brother-in-law and a lot of sweat and back-breaking work, Kathy created her field of dreams.

With metaphors aplenty, Kathy shares with us what she discovered about her own strength, and about listening to one’s desires, trusting your dream, and learning when to rest. 

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