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Twisting the Plot

Feb 27, 2020

Today we speak with another one of our twelve women who will be creating something that matters in twelve months’ time.  Up until now, Sydney Price’s life was moving along nicely.  Her identity was defined by the possessions she owned, the jobs she held, the relationships she had.  Then suddenly, it seemed, everything changed.  A divorce, the closing of two businesses, a move to a new apartment and the loss of a loved one brought her to a crossroads.  She feels stripped down and uncertain.  Now what?  What’s next?  So Sydney joined our 12 in 12 cohort and is working on something that matters a lot: the trash that surrounds us.  Put another way, our planet.  Sydney is studying recycling, composting and other ways to translate social awareness into community action, and tackle a growing problem.  Tune in and hear what she has to say.  Sydney is a force and as her daughter reminds her “she always finds a solution.”

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