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Twisting the Plot

Jun 8, 2021

Get ready for something different.  

Cindy Gallop doesn’t do status quo. 

After years as a leader and change-maker in the advertising business she has moved on to new projects.

At 61, Cindy shares that her life course is guided by a series of serendipitous accidents. Her current accidental mission is to help us all learn about, explore and talk about…sex.

MakeLoveNotPorn aims to help us all uncover our sexual potential. Cindy explains that there are two coincidental issues preventing us from knowing who we can be as sexual beings. First, we live in a society where sex is never discussed. Second, the porn industry is bigger and more accessible than ever. Hence, what we know about sex is taught to us by porn. It leaves most of us confused, unsatisfied, and missing out.  MakeLoveNotPorn is a platform that invites real people to show real sex, in all its diversity. It aims to dispel myths, bash stereotypes, and free us all physically, emotionally and intimately.

It's a provocative topic. It’s a bold business.  

Cindy shakes us up and makes us think. 

It’s a plot twist for all.  


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