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Twisting the Plot

Jan 26, 2021

Sometimes, it’s important to seek the bigger picture in order to understand ourselves.  In times like these, we need to go beyond our noses to find solace and wisdom in larger patterns.  But how do we do this?  One way is to start by looking at life from a decidedly different perspective.

Today, we talk with Dianna Mahiques, a Western Astrologer and certified BTB Feng Shui Master.  She offers us some alternative ways to know and experience ourselves in this multidimensional world.

Since she was a child, Diana was attracted to the metaphysical aspects of our existence.  She was attracted to a career in music and was successful as a rock band manager.  But her love of astrology and her capacity for the intuitive eventually lead her in a different direction.  She twisted her plot and stepped further and wider into her life-long passions.  

Diana’s energy is captivating and wide-reaching. She’s got a lot to offer.  We admit, we don’t know much about astrology or Feng Shui.  But we did learn something about Saturn returning for the third time in our lives. 

Find out more.  Let’s explore it all.  

Twisting our plots is a big job.


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