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Twisting the Plot

Jun 15, 2021

Sometimes, the best plot twists come from reaching back into our pasts.

Over 40 years ago, Hannah and Cecilia lived in New York City, in apartments on the same floor, just down the hall from each other. Our 73rd Street apartments were tiny and close. We could even hear each other’s conversations through an airshaft. Hannah lived with our dear friend Sza, and Ceil lived with our old friend Donna.  

It's been decades, but we decided to reconnect with Donna. 

Take a listen to this week’s podcast where we reminisce and catch-up on marriages, smoking habits, work, values, weight fluctuations and decisions that didn’t work out.  

Donna DeSanto is one of a kind. She’s a unique, nonjudgmental and very funny friend who for some reason loves us unconditionally. Friendships seem to matter even more as we get older. And reconnecting with Donna is a gift we gave ourselves.