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Twisting the Plot

Sep 29, 2020

Mary Ellen (ME) Macri may be a sixty-year old math teacher, but she’s not old school.

ME talks about how the twist of Covid 19 may have changed everything, yet didn’t change enough.  Perhaps the opportunity to rethink and explore new ways of learning is hindered by adherence to tradition in education.  It’s possible we may have missed an opportunity to better prepare children for our ever-changing world.  ME admits that all change brings the possibility of failure.  And most of us are unwilling to fail.  Still, failure is a part of learning and a necessary ingredient to problem solving skills in mathematics and in life-long learning.

ME credits her background in theatre for her exceptional problem-solving skills.  She sees life like putting on a play.  There is always a way to make it work.

We think Ms. Mac should rule the world.  She’s smart in a linear way, and brilliant in the artist way.  

She’s also filled with grace.  

And plot twisting takes grace.


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