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Twisting the Plot

Feb 9, 2021

Valerie Albarda suggests we enjoy the midlife and skip the crisis.  

She has a podcast she calls Midlife-A-Go-Go, filled with interviews, stories and testaments of mid-lifers exploring their worlds, enjoying their lives and making changes that matter to us all.  

Valerie recently gave a TEDxCharlotte talk titled The Invisibility Trifecta:  Coming Out of the Shadows.  In this talk, she discusses midlife invisibility and the intersection with aging, sexism and racism.  She asks us to consider how the experience of being a black woman in midlife is different and challenging: I want people to be more aware of black and other midlife women of color in society; to make room for us at the table; to show us respect; to acknowledge the value of our life experience.

Now, Valerie faces another challenge, a diagnosis of Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.  

Through it all she is a storyteller, an advisor and an activist.   We experienced her as both playful and formidable, a very potent mix.

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