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Twisting the Plot

May 26, 2020

Ok, listen up.  Our number one mission is to help women over 50 evolve by imagining who it is we can be, both as individuals and as a grand collective.  

One of the ways we do this by listening to a Gen Z influencer.


Because our futures require our creative participation and it starts with a loosening of our limited beliefs.  Things have to change in order to be new.

We begin by letting go of our ageist confines and freeing ourselves from identities that no longer serve or excite us.

This week, we start to imagine ourselves differently by talking to fashion designer and social activist Madeline Dintino.

Madeline, a 2020 fashion design graduate of Marist College, views fashion as an opportunity for radical empowerment and inclusivity.  She designs clothing that offers gender fluidity, playfulness and a witty glittery repurposing of norms.  Madeline uses her voice as a designer to deconstruct binaries and reconstruct clothing that inspires freedom and joy.

She also shares with us her honors thesis project, a zine she titled Modern Gender.  Her zine (think short magazine) is a resource for navigating modern gender terms and expressions. It’s a colorful, informative invitation to celebrate inclusivity. 

Madeline even encourages us to explore how fashion can expand our identities.  She suggests we stop hiding and celebrate our bodies and images.  Maybe, she declares, you could think additive, instead of covering up.  After all, she says, “You’ve spent years earning your looks.” 

There is so much to gain from intergenerational sharing.

Join us please.


Check out Modern Gender: Navigating the Fluid Revolution


Madeline Dintino Portfolio

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