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Twisting the Plot

Apr 13, 2021

This April, we have been focused on spring, the season of awakening, growing, and blooming. It is the time of year when animals awake, the sun warms, and the earth seems to come alive. But growing isn’t just for plants. We grow children, relationships, careers, and even therapists.

This week we speak with Maria Hodermarska, Clinical Associate Professor at NYU. Maria has been growing drama therapists for over 25 years. Using theater, creativity, psychological theory, literature, and a wealth of experience and insight, Maria has nurtured a devoted community of creative arts therapists.

Maria speaks with us about the importance of curiosity, vulnerability, and connecting with her students as individuals. She shares her belief that education should employ a “mutual aid.” The teacher must be willing to learn from the students. Maria explains that “therapy is an art, an art of being with people.” Listen in as she offers her special take on a therapist’s becoming and how we can all grow up.  


Check out Maria Hodermarska at NYU Steinhardt