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Twisting the Plot

Jul 14, 2020

Listen as Laura Dintino describes her surprise and shock when her husband of 29 years suddenly announced he was interested in a younger woman and ready to move on. It was a plot twist that turned the world she had built and the life she had known completely upside down. She had not only lost her partnership; she lost her identity. Who was she now?  How can a woman in her 60’s remake herself? 

Laura, a member of our 12 in 12 program, shares how she got reacquainted with herself. With the help of therapist, friends and family, she rediscovers her feisty, ambitious self and is channeling that energy into her new career. For her 12 in 12 project, Laura is working on creating a method that captures immigrants’ and refugees’ individual stories as well as their strengths, interests, and experience. Her goal is to use this information to help them find work in the community that better reflects their passions and abilities.  Laura’s own story of loss, acceptance and reinvention has fueled her commitment to help her students write a new chapter in their own stories. 

Recently, Laura left the house that she had shared with her ex-husband and moved into her own new home.  She’s back in the driver’s seat. Her strength and courage impressed her daughter who refers to her Mom as a badass.

Lets be clear, when you are a 60-something woman and called badass by a millennial, you have successfully twisted your plot.

Go forward Laura.   For all of us.