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Twisting the Plot

Mar 15, 2022

A little improv…

What is creativity?  Go.  (frozen pause) Ummm. It’s green? Yes, and…It crawls. Yes, and… it morphs like a caterpillar into a butterfly. Yes, and… it can be venomous, like a snake.

On this week’s podcast, guest Nina Hart challenges our notions about what is art and who gets to do it. She tells us about her journey to heal what she calls her “heartbroken artist.” Nina shares how she finally freed herself from criticism, judgment and creative blocks that silenced and shamed her. She offers all of us a portal into our own spontaneous impulses, our sparks of creativity. 

Nina teaches us what she calls “writing from the top of your head.” She introduces us to a writing prompt she calls “small and crappy,” a medicine for the perfectionism that inhibits us. 

She also challenges each of you to participate in a small and crappy writing exercise. Give it a try and send us your results. We will make art of it.

Everything, including aging, is art, according to Nina Hart.

And there’s a plot twist we could all use.

Take a listen.


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Nina Hart is a writer, performer, and creativity coach trained in the Kaizen-Muse method. She is also a certified Gateless Method writing teacher – “a method of teaching the art and craft of writing using creative brain science, ancient non-dual teachings and highly-effective craft tools…allowing writers to access the creative genius inside.” Her first collection of surreal short fictions called “Somewhere in a Town You Never Knew Existed Somewhere” was selected as a Short Stories category finalist in Foreword Reviews’ IndieFab Book of the Year Awards. She is the founder of a unique method of teaching writing called “Writing from the Top of your Head,” which combines group Creativity Coaching with creative writing. Her workshops have also been inspired by the work of Paulo Freire and his philosophy of education for liberation, and the work of Brene Brown. Nina was an original member of the experimental dance troupe Contraband, in San Francisco and, playing a purple electric bass, has recorded and performed with numerous bands.