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Twisting the Plot

Jul 21, 2020

Up until 50, most women have been going along following the rules and living their lives according to a preset roadmap.  We took our cues from families, social media, and cultural role models. Then we turn 50, and the roadmaps stop. The direction becomes vague, and the cues fade. 

We get hit with negative biases about aging, disdain for older bodies, and hints to our irrelevance.   We learn that we have lost our edge, our beauty, and our value.  Sometimes we even feel like we are losing ourselves.  We go invisible to the world and to ourselves.  

What’s complicated is that during this time of the fading self, a lot happens. Transitions are multifold.  Husbands leave, jobs end, career paths dim, loved ones get ill or die, some of us get ill, children leave, our appearance changes and menopause happens.   

This week we explore the impact feeling lost can have on our individual and collective stories. We explore how re-finding ourselves can be difficult, and sometimes painful. Listen as we share how to start the process of getting unlost.