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Twisting the Plot

Sep 15, 2020

In 2018, Britain’s Wunderman Thompson Innovation Group put forth the notion of The Elastic Generation.

Elastic Generation women are living according to how they feel rather than how they ought, whether that means divorcing or dating, travelling or starting a business. As decision-makers, entrepreneurs, caregivers and creators, Elastic Generation women continue to push the boundaries and upend the status quo. Ever the generation of rebels, they are reinventing life past fifty, as they forge the path others will follow.

We at Twisting The Plot are in full agreement.

But… what do you do when your back goes out?  Or you lose your job?  Or someone you love gets ill?  Or everything you thought you’d do, or be, is changed?

The answer?  You work to get more elastic.


We will tell you.  

On this week’s podcast, Cecilia and Hannah talk about the bends in the road (and in Hannah’s back) that they have confronted, and share ways to flex and stretch….literally and figuratively.

Take a listen.  And look forward to more innovative, inspiring and informative podcasts from Twisting the Plot.