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Twisting the Plot

Oct 19, 2021

What is a creatrix, you might ask?  

According to Stephanie Raffelock the word creatrix is defined as “a woman who makes or creates things.” Stephanie suggests that creatrix may be a good replacement for crone when it comes to selecting an archetype for women to age into. 

We love the idea of a woman continuing to “make things” beyond the biological clock of fertility.

Stephanie Raffelock herself is a creatrix.  She is a storyteller and writer who published two books after she was 50. Creatrix Rising is her latest, and we were thrilled to speak with her about it on this week’s Twisting the Plot Podcast.

Listen as Stephanie shares her story, the plot twists, and the role models who inspired her along the way. There is the poet Richard Blanco, her grandmother Julia, and the magical neighbor Austin. 

Relationships matter to Stephanie. And now she matters to us.

We need to remind ourselves that as with all kinds of evolution, there is no destination point, no complete, all-the-way healing, but rather more unfolding, more work to be done. We grow psychologically and spiritually until the time we die.  Stephanie Raffelock, The Creatrix Rising

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