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Twisting the Plot

Dec 1, 2020

A couple of years ago Therese Shechter posted a survey on Facebook that started with the sentence:  Tell me about your experience not having children.  

It went viral. 

Women wanted their stories to be heard.

On today’s podcast, we talk to Therese Shechter, award winning filmmaker and founder of the feminist production company, Trixie Films.  

Therese, 58 years-old, knew about her preference to live childfree since she was a young girl.  It wasn’t easy to follow her heart.  In fact, for years she assumed that she didn’t have this choice.  It’s tricky to live outside of the usual expectations.  It’s not always easy to have access to options.

Listen in on this important discussion with Therese, who claims she likes to “disturb what is sacred about womanhood.”   She does this for the sake of diversity, choice and freedom.

Then be on the lookout for Trixie Films’ new documentary coming out in 2021 titled, “My So-Called Selfish Life.”  A documentary film that examines what it means to say no to motherhood, and investigates who gets to make this choice

We are so happy to know Therese Shechter, a woman who celebrates plot twists and gives us all the opportunity to explore who else and what else we can be.


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