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Twisting the Plot

Nov 30, 2021

At 75 years of age, with life of plot twists that include physical, emotional and relational challenges, Ronda Tamerlane has decided it’s time to tell her story. 

Ronda’s 12 in 12 2021 project is to write her personal memoir. 

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Ronda talks with us about how writing her memoir is giving the opportunity to take on new perspectives, let go of resentments, deepen her connection to the many roles she has played, and the many lives she has led. 

As a retired psychotherapist, Ronda hopes that by telling her story, she will help to normalize and give voice to the experience of depression, anxiety, and generational trauma.  

No more keeping quiet for Ronda. 

She is both speaking out and listening more deeply to herself through her writing. 

It is a memoir to grow by. 

And growing is ongoing.


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Ronda Tamerlane was born in 1946 in Vallejo California. She has one daughter and two grandkids. Ronda was married 3 times, the last time to her soul mate who died six years after thirty years of being together. She got a BA in 1974 in psychology and had various working situations. She was even a rural carrier for 17 years. When she was in her late 40’s, Ronda went to graduate school and began a career as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist which lasted for 20 years. In 2020, during covid, she retired. She is now writing her memoir.