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Twisting the Plot

Nov 2, 2021

Who am I anyway?

Twisting the Plot’s Twelve in Twelve Program asks each participant to bring all of herself to the year-long experience. Together as a group, we invite the shadow self, the wise ones, role models, inner guides, mentors, avatars, nemeses …. all are welcome.

By the time one gets to our age there are a multitude of selves to encounter. Somedays our virtual 12-member group feels like a filled stadium.

Listen to this week’s Twisting the Plot Podcast where two 12 in 12 members, Christine Kilavos and Lilly Cataldi, talk about their many sides, and share about their 12 in 12 projects.

These two women are dynamic, dimensional, and complex. They defy stereotypes. They make getting older something to look forward to. 

They are twisting the plot. 


Lilly Cataldi is an accomplished teacher, performer, and writer, who is known not only for her musical skills, but also for her talents as an inspiring vocal coach and acting instructor. She brings 45 years of wisdom and varied experience into her sessions with clients. As a vocalist and songwriter, Lilly has performed all styles of music from classical to contemporary to original works in numerous settings and venues. Now, after years of adventures, careers, side careers, and wrangling kids, family, and other assorted aliens, Lilly’s muses pulled her out of moth balls and cobwebs and insisted she resurrect her first passion of writing and singing songs. She happily agreed and is having a blast, bringing many colorful threads to her song writing and singing tapestry. Lilly is currently working on an LP that is scheduled into be released in 2022.

Christine Kilavos is a somatic coach and visual artist. She believes the body is the container to our stories and where our experiences are held. She created an experience she calls “the art of self,” a process through which we allow our bodies to become the brushes on the canvas. Christine teaches us how to let the movement of the body bring feelings from the inside out and give voice and expression to those feelings so they can be witnessed and accepted. The artistic process helps us feel, witness, name and accept ourselves, eventually making space for something new.

“Every blemish, stain, scar, smear, dent, imperfection, misplaced hair, softened heart, gripped mind, child-like pleasure, are windows to more of our world.”