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Twisting the Plot

Jan 30, 2020

Marianne Franzese, grade school principal, is on board the 12 in 12 train.

She joins us because she has always thrived in circles of women.  And because she is ready to do something bold.

She’s been going through a lot of change, experiencing loss, feeling vulnerable. having to let go.  Her creativity has been dormant.

Now, she’s ready to let her creative process emerge from what she calls, the “fertile void.”

She asks herself:  What does it mean to be a leader at my age?  Can I create something of value at this point in my life?  How can I become a destination and make something that people want to come to?

Here’s what she is considering:

A TV show in which we are all called to the Principal’s Table.

The show will explore a new take on visiting the principal.  For most of us, a slip to the principal’s office meant trouble, humiliation or punishment.  But Marianne wants it to mean much more.  She believes your visit with the principal should bring some whimsy and joy.

Of course, children will lead the way.  

Stay tuned and root for our own Mr. Rogers. 

Principal Marianne.  We look forward to your wisdom.